A Letter of Satisfaction to the Sko-Die Team

SKO-Die Inc
8050 Austin Avenue
Morton Grove, Illinois 60053
Attn: Al Wilson,
To the Sko-Die Team


I'm writing to say thank you for your input and support during the design and supply portion of this project.

To recap: this was the project to supply five sets of stator and rotor laminations for circulator pump motors that have critical path implications for our customer, thus complicating the acquisition of data during outages. Given there were no original manufacturing drawings, it took extra effort by our two "teams" to put their heads together and design the parts, and make manufacturing drawings from the limited data.

We have now assembled the second of the five units, and as you can see from the attached photographs, the results were above expectations. The fit of the laminations was excellent.

It's good to know that we at Penn Coil have a knowledgeable and dependable resource in Sko-Die, and we look forward to working with you again.

Thank you, again for a job well done.

Jim McFarlane
Customer Service Manager

From: Roman Szczesniak
Date: April 28, 2011
To: Jeff Curtin
Cc: Patrick Steininger 

Subject: RE: Testimonial

Without question, you cannot build a successful organization unless your entire team knows and understands how to build relationships with customers.  Without a doubt, Sko-Die strength is their ability to work hand in hand with customers to establish trust.  That trust in turn leads to a very quick response time, a very efficient communication network and high level of customer satisfaction.

Sko Die understands not only the value of relationships but also that for Sko Die to be successful, the customer needs to be successful.  Most importantly, they treat their customers with a high level of respect.

It's easy to see and understand why Sko-Die is such a valued partner of ours.

 I wish I could pick out just one example, but in reality, every experience, from normal production orders to prototype work to just coming in for a visit, has been a positive one.
Roman Szczesniak, CPIM
Materials Manager
Baldor Electric
A Member of the ABB Group