As part of its full complement of capabilities and services, Sko-Die can produce rotor shafts and lamination shafts in-house using its state-of-the-art Doosan horizontal turning and vertical machining centers. This further illustrates Sko-Die's commitment to provide customers with a one-stop-shop from concept to production.

Sko-Die'sDoosan Lynx 300M high speed, high precision turning center is designed for heavy duty cutting with a 20.1 Hp high power spindle motor.  This model features a 10.0 inch (255 mm) chuck, a maximum turning diameter of 14.6 inches (370 mm) and a maximum work length of 28.0 inches (712 mm).

The Doosan DNM 400 vertical machining center is designed for increased productivity, high precision and unsurpassed performance.  The DMV 400 features an auto tool changer, linear motion guide ways and high speed servo motors for high rapid axis movement, minimized thermal displacement and vibration and user friendly operating software.

Horizontal Turning Center and Vertical Machining Center Video Overview

Shaft Machining