Sko-Die E-Newsletter - April 2013

Quality Assurance = Customer Satisfaction

At the heart of Sko-Die’s tagline “Trusted Manufacturing Excellence” is the group of dedicated employees who make sure that every part shipped meets or exceeds the customer’s quality expectations.  Heading up that group is Adauto Castrejon, Manager of Quality Assurance.

In this edition of the Sko-Die newsletter, we'll introduce you to Adauto, and also share a recent news article in which Sko-Die was featured.

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Patrick Steininger

Meet Sko-Die's Manager of Quality Assurance

Adauto Castrejon

Adauto Castrejon, Manager of Quality Assurance, states that “the goal of Quality Assurance is to make sure that all the metal stamping products manufactured by Sko-Die comply with all specifications and standards prescribed by our customers.”

He is responsible for the daily inspection activities that include machinery set-ups, in process monitoring, final approvals and quality verification of received material.  He runs, inspects and calibrates all of the QA equipment that includes the CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), optical comparator and all gauges and fixtures.  For new product production he develops in-process instructions and produces First Article inspection reports.  Other duties include generating corporate quality reports, leading quarterly management reviews and coordinating internal and external corrective actions.  Key for Sko-Die is Adauto’s expertise in managing the ISO 9000 program that includes performing and assigning internal audits.  

Adauto has over 25 years of experience in metal stamping, sheet metal, machining, welding, wet/powder painting, assembly and ISO 9000 implementation. He began his career in the telecommunication industry in Mexico while studying Industrial Engineering at the Autonomous University of Mexico.  He came to the US and continued his engineering education at the University of Illinois, Chicago campus.  That was also when he entered the metal manufacturing industry as a machine operator.  With his education, talent and interest in the quality aspect of product production he quickly became an inspector.  From there he progressed as a CMM Programmer, Master Inspector and then to his present position of Quality Manager. 

Adauto has been a great addition to Sko-Die’s management team.  He enjoys working with all the customers that he sees as leaders of industry and important parts of the total economy.  He views Sko-Die as a company that demands top quality operations with people that are knowledgeable and very experienced in the metal stamping industry.

On a personal note, Adauto has been married for 26 years and has a daughter and a son.  In his free time he enjoys reading, country walks with the family dog, working on his home remodeling and watching the occasional soccer match.

Sko-Die Featured In the News

As featured in the Morton Grove Champion (A Chicago Sun-Times Publication):

MORTON GROVE — One of the first things people tend to ask Patrick Steininger is whether his company, Sko-Die Inc., used to be in Skokie.

He patiently explains that the area of Morton Grove where it has been located since it was founded by his grandfather in 1947 used to be generally known as Skokie Valley. But no, it’s never actually been in the Village of Skokie.
Sko-Die, which manufactures parts for motors, brakes and other devices, is what anyone would call a success story.


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