Sko-Die E-Newsletter - January 2013

A Sko-Die Sales Professional Retires

We are pleased to announce that Al Wilson, Sko-Die sales professional, has decided to retire effective 1/31/13. In his own words:

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Business Associates:

Time slips away, and then, almost unnoticed a new milestone arrives.

Well, for me the next milestone is imminent and on January 31st, I retire from Sko-Die, Inc.

With a mix of happiness, at having reached both professional and financial goals and with sadness that I am leaving behind a network of friends, colleagues, associates, and a well run company, I am moving into the next phase in my life.

I wish you all continued success in your endeavors, good health, safe travels, and little fun too.


Alan (Al) Wilson

From Patrick Steininger,
Sko-Die President

On behalf of Sko-Die and its employees I would like to wish Al Wilson congratulations and best wishes on his retirement.

Sko-Die is very grateful for all of Al’s key contributions to the success of the company over these past 14 years.

Al will be missed, but I am excited for him as he gets to enjoy the next chapter of his life.

Family and boating activities I’m sure will keep Al busy, where in a few weeks he may wonder where time goes during the day.

Good Luck Al!  


Patrick Steininger

Al Wilson is front and center for this picture from his retirement dinner.

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