Sko-Die E-Newsletter - July 2013

Sko-Die continues to be in a position to offer unparalleled capabilities, expertise, and customer value due to its truly unique combination of talented, experienced staff and state of the art manufacturing technology. This is illustrated through the company's recent investment in our new Amada FO MII Laser Machine and Miller 350S Robotic Welding System, and embodied in Sko-Die's Production Supervisor, Servando Vargas.

In this edition of the Sko-Die newsletter, we'll introduce you to Servando, and tell you more about our new equipment arrivals.

Thank you, and enjoy the summer,

Patrick Steininger

Meet Sko-Die's Production Supervisor

Servando Vargas

Servando Vargas, Sko-Die’s Production Supervisor, was looking for a career opportunity and decided to stop into Sko-Die.  That was 33 years ago, and he met with Joe Steininger, founder of Sko-Die, and the grandfather of current President Patrick Steininger.  With Servando’s dynamic personality and his experience operating forklifts he was immediately hired as a material handler.

Recognizing Servando’s talents and desire to expand his knowledge in all aspects of Sko-Die’s operations, after one year he was asked to join the shipping and receiving team and from there he moved to the tooling department.  To further his learning and add to his hands on experience, Servando then began his production career.  He ran all size presses and developed his specialty in die setting.  Throughout this period, Servando attended classes and training sessions for tool and die, CNC, metalworking, supervision and through NIMS (National Institute for Metalworking Skills) received a certificate on progressive dies. He even became the trainer for his specialty, Die Set-Up, at the TMA (Tooling and Manufacturing Association) facility.

Ten years after Servando stopped into Sko-Die, his experience, knowledge and leadership abilities led to his promotion to Production Supervisor.  In this position he is responsible for the personnel management and scheduling of jobs through the stamping press, laser cutting and welding value added production areas.  He is constantly striving to find improvements in die set-up procedures, production processes and die maintenance scheduling.  He is a key member of Sko-Die’s safety committee, lean manufacturing team and is responsible for new employee, new equipment and employee safety training. 

Servando thinks that his career in the metalworking industry has been exciting, challenging and has allowed him to help deliver quality parts to great companies in the US and internationally.  He is very proud to say that Sko-Die has become his second home.  Previous presidents Joe and Dick Steininger treated him like family and now current president Patrick Steininger continues that great tradition.  He points out that the support he continually receives has allowed him to grow as an employee and a person.  He also sees his co-workers as a second family and points out that outside of Sko-Die he has attended their weddings and special event celebrations.

Personally, Servando has been married for 33 years to his “wonderful wife” Martha.  He has three children, a daughter and son who are college graduates and a son who is presently attending college.  He also is proud to say that he has a granddaughter and a grandson.  For his free time he enjoys swimming, biking, horseback riding, football, basketball and soccer.  He also likes being the handyman around his house and is certified in home electrical.   

Announcing Our New Arrivals

Amada FO MII 4,000 Watt CO2 Laser Machine

Equipped with a solid cast frame and engineered to meet the high quality and shorter lead time demands of today’s fabricating companies. Having the most up-to-date equipment will enable Sko-Die to reduce set-up and increase throughput, quality and consistency in cutting. This third generation FO laser features:

  • Versatile and Efficient Machine Concept
    • Large material processing range
    • No lens change from thick to thin material
    • Power saving ECO mode
    • Dust collector
  • Excellent Cut Quality
    • Amada tuned oscillator
    • High precision drive system
    • High pressure cutting
  • Reliable Automated Operation
    • Automatic pierce and cut process monitoring
    • Adaptive optics
    • Proven automation options
    • Automatic gas pressure control
  • Easy Operations
    • AMNC touch screen control
    • Automatic pallet changer with shuttle table
    • Free bearings for easy sheet loading

Miller 350S Robotic Welding System

This high output system features:

  • High speed AC Servo positioner (table turns 180 degrees in 2.2 seconds)
  • Integrated operator control panel
  • Offline programming – DTPS
  • L shaped light curtains
  • Interlocked safety gates
  • Dual channel safety circuit
  • Rotating arc flash barrier
  • Solid sheet metal wall panels

Can be used for a full range of welding processes:

  • AccuPulse
  • AccuCurve
  • 100% CO2
  • RMD
  • Active Wire Process – low energy short circuit and zero splatter
  • GMAW – with and without filter
  • Aluminum – low pulse, dual pulse, synchronized weaving
  • Sevo Push – Pull Torch
  • Arc Data Monitoring

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