Sko-Die E-Newsletter - July 2017

Patrick Steininger

In this edition of the Sko-Die e-newsletter we will showcase some of the new equipment additions to our facility, and the benefits they provide in helping us to serve our customers.

We will also introduce you to our associate manufacturing engineer, Lingyu Meng, and highlight his diverse skill set and how he provides valuable support to the entire Sko-Die team.

Thank you, and enjoy the summer,

Patrick Steininger




Sko-Die Invests in New Hoist
for the Fineblanking Department

Consistent with Sko-Die’s ongoing commitment to maximizing efficiency and safety, a new 1,000 lb. bridge crane system was mounted over the deburring area in the fineblanking department. This system will help ensure that operators can safely load parts into the deburring machines.

New Grinder Added to the Sko-Die Toolroom

Sko-Die’s new Mitsui 8 x 18 Hydraulic Automatic Surface Grinder has a precise automatic control start-stop option which allows Sko-Die die makers to set their workpiece and monitor the repetitive sharpening and grinding tasks. This helps maximize the die makers’ efficiency by providing them with the ability to work on other tools.

Meet Sko-Die's Associate Manufacturing Engineer -
Lingyu Meng

As Sko-Die’s Associate Manufacturing Engineer, Lingyu Meng plays an integral role in collaborating with Sko-Die equipment operators to maximize overall efficiency. Whether he is designing or purchasing setup accessories to shorten setup time, or evaluating new industry devices, such as shock dampers and hydraulic clamp systems to improve productivity, he is focused on providing the entire Sko-Die team with valuable support that helps them to perform their jobs effectively.

Lingyu Meng
Lingyu Meng

His diverse skill set has been a true benefit to Sko-Die. One day he might be changing some dimensions of a die block or punch to achieve better material flow, while another day he may be involved with operators in standardizing operation processes and measuring overall efficiencies.

Lingyu earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Aviation from the University of China. During those four years he acquired a significant amount of hands-on experience working on aircraft jet engines and mechanical controls. He then earned his Master’s Degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, where he took advanced courses in Mechanical Engineering, such as Solid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Advanced Dynamics, and Finite Element Analysis. He had a unique opportunity to work as a research assistant on next generation medical device design using Solidworks, Hypermesh and Abaqus to design and simulate a pacemaker in a human right atrium of the heart.

With Sko-Die’s support, Lingyu has continued to immerse himself in ongoing training and certification programs, including Lean Overview and Workplace Organization, Principles of Machining Centers, Personal Protective Equipment and Principles of Tooling.

Lingyu was born in Zoucheng, a small, but densely populated city near the east coastline of China. In his free time, he enjoys running, swimming, ping pong, badminton and soccer.

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