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Patrick Steininger

In this edition of the Sko-Die e-newsletter, we will provide an "Industry News" update regarding the Department of Commerce's announcement of its preliminary determinations in the Antidumping (AD) investigations of imports of non-oriented electrical steels (NOES) from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Sweden and Taiwan. We'll also give you a look at the breaking of ground on the addition to our manufacturing facility, and the tour we hosted for the Precision Metalforming Association.

Lastly, after 46 years of service to Sko-Die, one of our trusted employees will be heading into retirement. Jimmy Hunt has been a valued member of the Sko-Die team, and all of us would like to wish him the very best in his years to come. Jimmy is a prime example of our many dedicated employees who have been instrumental to Sko-Die's success.

Thank you, and enjoy the summer,

Patrick Steininger

Industry News

Electrical Steel Trade Cases – On May 16, 2014, the Department of Commerce announced its preliminary determinations in the Antidumping (AD) investigations of imports of non-oriented electrical steels (NOES) from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Sweden and Taiwan. Those preliminary determinations included proposed duties on the NOES products as follows:

  • China – 407%
  • Germany – 85% - 98%
  • Japan – 135% - 205%
  • Korea – 7%
  • Sweden – 98% - 126%
  • Taiwan – 28% - 52%

For 2013, total imports of these NOES grades from these target countries were valued at roughly $60 million (USD).  The case filings included mandatory respondents which had the option of either responding to the allegations or electing not to respond.  Of the universe of mandatory respondents included in this case, few of the producing mills elected to answer Commerce’s questionnaire. Those that elected NOT to respond are expected to have the requested duties filed in the original case levied upon them.

The final determinations in these cases are expected from the Commerce Department in late July for China, Germany, Japan and Sweden.  Final determinations for Korea and Taiwan are expected in early October. 
Thus far the net effect of these trade case actions in 2014 has been to limit or eliminate the imports of products from the target producers into the USA.  Most targeted producers have elected to wait it out to see how the cases settle out before making determinations as to their interest in continuing to participate in the US market for these products. 

These cases have NOT affected Sko-Die’s ability to continue to support our customers with any and all grades of Electrical Steels.

Sko-Die Breaks Ground on Addition to the Manufacturing Facility

Sko-Die Breaks Ground on Addition to the Manufacturing Facility

Construction begins on the addition to the Sko-Die manufacturing facility.  Pictured left to right are Patrick Steininger (President), Mike Herron (Herron Construction Co.), Scott Seaton  (Architect)

Jimmy Hunt

Jimmy Hunt
Sko-Die Wishes You A Happy Retirement

Congratulations Jimmy Hunt on your retirement after 46 years at Sko-Die, Inc.  Your contributions to the company’s success were huge and we wish you the best as you enter your well-earned years of leisure.

Jimmy was born and raised in West Virginia and at the age of 18 decided to move to Chicago to pursue opportunities other than the family tradition of coal mining. His first job was with a mold injection company where he worked 6pm to 6am, 6 days a week.  In April of 1968 while working at his second job with a test tube manufacturer, Jimmy’s friend was leaving his job in shipping at Sko-Die.  He interviewed for the position with Joe Steininger, founder of the company, and with a handshake and a guarantee that he was a hard worker Jimmy began his Sko-Die career as a shipping clerk at the wage of $1.90/hour.  Jimmy’s talent and leadership ability allowed him to expand his job responsibilities.  From shipping/receiving he became the supervisor in the small assembly, machine shop, press room notching and the welding departments.  He developed his own skill in welding and did the spot welding on Sko-Die’s first hydro job for the laminations that are part of a 30 foot diameter generator for a dam in Brazil.  Other parts Jimmy had a hand in manufacturing were for a B-52 bomber, 737 aircraft and airport ground power units.

Besides being an invaluable employee and manager, Jimmy has been a real-life hero at Sko-Die.  On a Saturday in 1986 he was working with 5 people and a huge rain storm hit the Morton Grove area.  As he was running a milling machine he noticed strange popping noises coming from above.  As he looked up he noticed a ceiling joint separating and he immediately yelled out for everyone to evacuate the building.  Seconds after actually helping one older gentleman to leave quickly, the roof of the building collapsed.  With Jimmy’s quick thinking and immediate action no one was hurt and a possible disaster was averted. 

Jimmy is proud to say that he has worked with the three generations of Steininger family ownership.  He was hired by Joe who he describes as a “tough ol’ German” who treated people fairly and knew what it took to run a business.  Next was Dick who Jimmy remembers as someone who learned the business from the ground up and was a great leader and an excellent salesperson.  Current President, Patrick, who Jimmy fondly refers to as a “young whippersnapper who learned the business very quickly”, is also a great leader who knows what it takes to successfully grow a business.

Jimmy recognizes that his #1 family is at home but he will be sad leaving Sko-Die because he feels he is leaving his second family.  The “rat race has its ups and downs” but he always enjoyed coming to work to do the job for which he was hired, and to accomplish the Sko-Die goals, and those that he set for himself.  His career was a “great run” and he will never forget the Steininger family, all the people he worked with, and will make sure he stays in touch.
Jimmy and Linda, his wife of 47 years, are sure they will enjoy retirement life as soon as their move to Alabama is completed.  They have already sold their home in Chicago and still have packing to do.  Their plan for retirement includes visiting their sons Jeffrey and Christopher and their 4 grandchildren.  They also look forward to travelling and have already identified their first two destinations, Boston for some clam chowder and California to see the redwoods.
Congratulations Jimmy and thank you for your dedication and years of service to Sko-Die.  Much of our success since 1968 was because of you.

On June 18 everyone at Sko-Die got together to celebrate Jimmy Hunt’s retirement.  Below are a few pictures from that event.

Sko-Die Hosts a Tour for PMA Sales and Marketing Professionals

The Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) held their annual Sales and Marketing Roundtable in Rosemont, Illinois on May 20-21.  This meeting includes networking and roundtable discussion sessions aimed at key topics affecting business and sales success.  An event during this meeting was a tour of Sko-Die, Inc.  The participants were welcomed by Patrick Steininger (President) and then spent over an hour touring the 60,000 sq. ft. facility.  3 groups guided by Jeff Curtin (Customer Service Manager), Mike Cellucci (Operations Manager) and Michael McGuire (Director of Sales) saw each Sko-Die department and all of the production equipment.  Sko-Die thanks the PMA for arranging the tour and allowing Sko-Die to show off their operation. 

Sko-Die Hosts a Tour for PMA Sales and Marketing Professionals

For any questions concerning your account please contact:

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