Sko-Die E-Newsletter - March 2012

On behalf of Sko-Die and all of its employees, I would like to sincerely thank all of our customers for their business thus far in 2012.

Enjoy this installment of the Sko-Die e-newsletter as it includes items of interest regarding our recent participation in the 2012 Motor, Drive and Automation Systems Conference and our investment in new state-of-the-art welding equipment.

Sko-Die recognized our customers' growing needs for the value added service of providing welding for MIG and TIG welding applications.  As a result, Sko-Die acquired and installed new welding equipment, a 4,000lb Bridge crane system, and hired expert welder Bob Porada (whom we will introduce to you in this e-newsletter).

Patrick Steininger

Sko-Die Exhibits and Presents at the 2012 Motor, Drive & Automation Systems Conference

Sko-Die Exhibits and Presents at the 2012 e-Drive Motor, Drive & Automation Systems Conference The Motor, Drive & Automation Systems Conference is an international, industry leading conference focused on the latest developments in the electric motor industry and its products.  Sko-Die participates each year to keep up-to-date with this ever changing market and to network with the industries best and brightest veterans and rising stars.

For 1-1/2 days, the Sko-Die booth was visited by hundreds of conference attendees looking to learn more about what Sko-Die has to offer.  Present customers and prospects stopped by to find out what Sko-Die could do to help them with their production and development challenges.

Sko-Die presented a workshop led by Sales Manager John Roberts, which was titled "Lamination Manufacturing Techniques That Can Improve Production and Performance Efficiencies."

This presentation examined the lamination production factors that need to be reviewed for each product and provided actual examples where reviews have resulted in increased performance and cost savings.

Announcing Our New Arrivals

Sko Die's new Maxstar® 700 is a powerful, compact power source capable of welding up to 1” material. High speed pulse control provides maximum productivity and weld quality while conserving energy compared to traditional welding machines. The Invision(tm) 456MP features an inverter design with variable inductance control to provide superior industrial MIG welding performance for manufacturing applications.

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Meet Bob PoradaMeet Bob Porada

Bob’s welding experience spans 40 years and includes a vast number of production applications.  He specialized in welding stamping dies, plastic injection molds, die casting dies, silver brazing and supervised the welding function for a manufacturer of all types of cylinders.  For a major nuclear power plant project Bob was a certified welder for filter screens and was in charge of 2 shifts, with 22 workers and 2 certified on-site welding inspectors.

For 30 years Bob had also been working with Sko-Die on specialty die welding projects.  In 2011, Sko-Die saw a large increase in customer demand for welded electrical components and was fortunate to be able to hire Bob full-time.  Bob is now Sko-Die’s welding supervisor in charge of personnel and workflow through the Robotic, MIG, TIG and Spot (Fusion) welding work centers.

Bob is very excited with the opportunity he now has at Sko-Die.  The new projects allow him to use his talents in the production of many new electrical rotor and stator cores used in machinery for markets that are rapidly expanding in America.  For the increased demand, new equipment has been purchased to insure that he can efficiently produce quality products.  He says that he has worked for many shops, large and small, but he sees Sko-Die as a “showroom for manufacturing” because of the professional attitudes, production knowledge and lean operations.

Bob has a Civil Engineering degree from The University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana campus.  He sees a great future in the welding market as new applications are developed and the present experts begin retiring.

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