Sko-Die E-Newsletter - November 2012

I am very pleased to announce that Michael McGuire has joined the Sko-Die management team as Director of Business Development. 

Michael brings over 20 years of sales and operational experience in the steel and metal stamping industries. His leadership role with us will focus on expanding current sales, developing new customers and strengthening our current sales and customer service processes. Working in conjunction with Sko-Die’s existing and future marketing strategies, Michael will help Sko-Die achieve its commercial growth objectives.

Keep reading to learn more about Michael’s accomplishments and future plans.

Thank You,

Patrick Steininger

Introducing Michael McGuire - Director of Business Development

Michael McGuire is an accomplished steel industry executive with over 20 years’ experience developing sales strategies, organic and acquisition based expansion and operational improvements. He is highly skilled in objective setting and execution, product line and manufacturing management and has excellent leadership and communication ability.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin (Madison) with a BA degree in Economics, Michael started his career as an Account Executive with a company that was acquired by an international electrical steel products supplier.  He worked his way up to a National Sales Manager by building strategic alliances with key OEM customers and supplying mills.  After 8 years, to build his experience and knowledge, Michael joined another leader in the electrical steel industry. He continued his success in building strategic sales channels and creating new revenue streams through the addition and expansion of product lines. This included leading the successful acquisition and executive management of a new operating division. 

Sko-Die is excited and honored to have Michael join its management team.  In turn, he is proud to join a company whose many employees he has known for almost 2 decades. 

“I chose to join the organization based on my consistent view of Sko-Die as a forward thinking, forward reaching world class company. I firmly believe that the Steininger family has put into place a formula for ongoing success based on providing a commitment to superior service, quality, craftsmanship, and innovation that sets us apart in the industry. The most valuable assets of any company are the people that drive its success. Sko-Die understands that the financial ROI that we can achieve is based on how committed we remain to creating and maintaining an environment of excellence under which the entire team can thrive.”

Michael’s customer-centric beliefs are ideally suited to help Sko-Die expand its opportunities for success moving forward.

“Customers are the life blood of any company. From my view, Sko-Die has aligned itself with a wide array of world class companies. I firmly believe in developing long term, win-win relationships and that this is the basis for all successful endeavors. Our challenge remains to continue to deliver innovative and value based solutions to our current and future customers. Sko-Die has enjoyed great success in building successful long term relationships with our business partners and I am eager to contribute to this tradition.”    

To contact Michael please e-mail him at or call him at (800) 486-4756 x120. 

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