Sko-Die E-Newsletter - October 2012

Behind Sko-Die’s tagline “Trusted Manufacturing Excellence from Concept to Production”, is a world class engineering department that has the experience and talent to support our customers' unique needs. 

From initial product development to product application consulting, Sko-Die’s engineering professionals are prepared to assist customers in obtaining the most efficient and profitable production and assembly methods possible. 

For new products and reverse engineered product, design support includes working with state-of-the-art programs to produce precise drawings that will guide the tooling production.  Experienced production professionals with over 120 combined years of experience use technologically advanced equipment to build tooling that will produce final products that meet exacting quality standards.    

For current customers, our engineers continually analyze product, material and production methods to make sure the most accurate and efficient manufacturing process is being provided. Engineering offers customers onsite support and analysis of production assembly systems and processes. 

Thank You,

Patrick Steininger

Meet Sko-Die's Manager of Engineering and Tooling

Matt Rychtanek, Manager of Engineering and Tooling, is in charge of Sko-Die’s engineering department. Matt has 31 years of experience in the metal working industry and has been at Sko-Die since 2002.

He is responsible for the design, fabrication and maintenance of all tooling and fixtures. Operationally he runs the CNC, wire machine and laser cutting areas, and handles the advisory function for all production machinery throughout Sko-Die. Matt also provides all costs for the job quoting process and is the project manager for all new programs.  

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Announcing Our New Arrivals

CLICK HERE to see the horizontal turning center in actionCoherent METAbeam Laser Machine Tool

Sko-Die's new Coherent Laser Machining Center is the most advanced laser cutting machine tool available today.  Laser power control, motion control, automation and software are engineered to work together. 


  • A dedicated computer that regulates energy output to achieve constant process in cutting, scribing, kiss cutting, material milling and ablation
  • A sealed beam bath designed to protect optics and prevent vapor distortion of laser beam
  • Automatic focusing, calibration and laser process control
  • Precision machine vision for part location, registration, scaling, pass/fail and error averaging
  • Ergonomic touch screen control panel
  • On board database of material and process settings
  • Palletized material handling for maximum throughput

CLICK HERE to see the Coherent METAbeam Laser Machine Tool in action

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