JUNE 2014 - Electrical Steel Trade Cases

On May 16, 2014, the Department of Commerce announced its preliminary determinations in the Antidumping (AD) investigations of imports of non-oriented electrical steels (NOES) from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Sweden and Taiwan. Those preliminary determinations included proposed duties on the NOES products as follows:

  • China – 407%
  • Germany – 85% - 98%
  • Japan – 135% - 205%
  • Korea – 7%
  • Sweden – 98% - 126%
  • Taiwan – 28% - 52%

For 2013, total imports of these NOES grades from these target countries were valued at roughly $60 million (USD).  The case filings included mandatory respondents which had the option of either responding to the allegations or electing not to respond.  Of the universe of mandatory respondents included in this case, few of the producing mills elected to answer Commerce’s questionnaire. Those that elected NOT to respond are expected to have the requested duties filed in the original case levied upon them.

The final determinations in these cases are expected from the Commerce Department in late July for China, Germany, Japan and Sweden.  Final determinations for Korea and Taiwan are expected in early October. 
Thus far the net effect of these trade case actions in 2014 has been to limit or eliminate the imports of products from the target producers into the USA.  Most targeted producers have elected to wait it out to see how the cases settle out before making determinations as to their interest in continuing to participate in the US market for these products. 

These cases have NOT affected Sko-Die’s ability to continue to support our customers with any and all grades of Electrical Steels.

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