Sko-Die E-Newsletter – July 2020

Patrick Steininger

Sko-Die continues to successfully march through 2020, navigating and overcoming new challenges within the evolving world that we all live and work in. I am extremely proud to say that our employees and suppliers are performing very well to help fill our customers’ needs.

I continue to see bright spots in the economy, and I am optimistic that as the year goes on, business conditions will continue to improve.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

Patrick Steininger



Industry News (Michael McGuire)

What a difference a few months makes. In our last update in March, we were just beginning to understand the immediate effects that this global pandemic was having on our economy and on our Manufacturing sector. Fast forward 90 days and the picture has evolved into one that is having and will have lasting effects on our nation’s health and on our manufacturing economy.

Sko-Die has remained in operation as an Essential Business throughout this crisis. Many of our customers serve critical industries such as Medical, Aerospace, Transportation and Energy, amongst others. Our team is continuing to navigate through these uncertain waters, keeping the health and safety of our team members as our highest priority. And at the same time, we recognize and appreciate our small part in supporting these critical industries that remain a foundational part of our lives and our economy and that are in many cases at the forefront of efforts to combat the evolving the COVID-19 situation.

We all owe an ongoing debt of gratitude to those front-line warriors that are battling this disease, including our medical treatment and research communities and our public safety teams. It is reassuring to know that we have so many dedicated professionals that are committed to the health and safety of all of us. At the same time, we recognize and appreciate the efforts of the wider manufacturing sector that continues to press on in these challenging times to ensure that the tools needed to fight this pandemic continue to flow to where they are needed.

For each medical device produced, there is a wide range of manufactured components that must remain available to meet the needs of the medical community. Every vehicle produced is made up of an array of manufactured components that keep our airlines, public safety vehicles, transit infrastructure and our citizens moving. The typical late model automobile utilizes 40 or more electric motors in each vehicle. For every disinfecting device that is used to spray or apply protective solutions, someone is manufacturing those nozzles, pumps, and hoses to keep those devices flowing. For every appliance, there are manufacturing companies and employees dedicated to producing all these components to ensure the availability of these items. And for every watt of electrical power that is consumed, there are countless contributors producing the transformers, motors, generators and other power generation and distribution devices that keep our power flowing. It is estimated that nearly 50% of all electricity produced globally goes to power an electric motor of some type.

We are proud to be part of the manufacturing channel that is dedicated to support so many critical aspects of our Medical, Energy, Safety, Transportation, and Defense sectors. We are even more proud to support our customers and to be aligned with our suppliers that are all contributing in some way to combatting the current crisis at hand but that are also keeping an eye to the future. Looking forward, we continue to see signs of optimism that we can and will return to a sense of normalcy. We recognize and appreciate the seriousness of the global pandemic and the responsibly that this places on us all to do or part. We also keep in mind that the fundamentals of our Manufacturing sector were strong before this crisis arose. We are still pointing towards a vibrant manufacturing economy going forward to include a continuation of the manufacturing reshoring trend that we have seen over the recent years. We are ever thankful to our customers and to our suppliers that continue to favor us with the support that we need to improve and expand our business with you.

We wish everyone the best of health as we manage together through the current circumstances and continue on our path toward more normal business conditions.

At Sko-Die we remain -

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