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November 2021 - Manufacturing Sector Review

It is often said that the only thing that is constant is change. That could not be truer as we look back at the evolution of circumstances in the Manufacturing sector over the past 24 months. Recall back to October 2019 and the prospects for continued strength for manufacturing as we headed into 2020. Enter, the global pandemic and its stranglehold on every aspect of our lives. But by 3Q 2020, we were beginning to see indications of a return to some sense of normalcy, or some version of a new normal. There was a growing sense of optimism as to getting back to work and getting things back on track to resume a robust manufacturing outlook. That has certainly played out year to date in 2021, as we have experienced escalating demand for manufactured products.

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NOVEMBER 2020 – Facility Expansion Update and Industry News

It is difficult to engage in any discussion these days without all roads ultimately leading back to the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation, both domestically and globally, has certainly reshaped how we are forced to operate our businesses and our lives. In 8 short months, we have evolved dramatically as to our basic business practices and how we maintain our commitments to our customers and to our stakeholders. Teams and Zoom meetings have replaced most in-person interaction between us and our customers and suppliers. New and elevated responsibilities as to maintaining a healthy work environment have challenged all of us to find an effective balance between lockdown and allowing our businesses to thrive. But in the end, we remain dedicated to our pre COVID-19 mission of serving our customers and supporting and promoting a robust manufacturing economy.

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The events of 2020 have unfolded rapidly with attention quickly focused on the current global health crisis regarding the COVID-19 virus. As facts began to emerge in January as to global events that saw the unprecedented spread of the virus, it has quickly become evident that this is a situation that is having an immediate effect on the global and domestic economy. 

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What a difference a few months makes. In our last update in March, we were just beginning to understand the immediate effects that this global pandemic was having on our economy and on our Manufacturing sector. Fast forward 90 days and the picture has evolved into one that is having and will have lasting effects on our nation’s health and on our manufacturing economy.

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December 2019 - Year End Review

The Sko-Die team is very thankful to our customers and to our suppliers for the support that we received throughout 2019. The past year has been, to say the least, an interesting year for the domestic manufacturing sector. For our part, we have experienced continuing strength of demand across most sectors that we serve. These conditions have translated into opportunities for us to continue to grow our business with our valued customers and to advance new opportunities in the market. 

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