Sko-Die E-Newsletter - October 2017

Patrick Steininger

Sko-Die is proud to be celebrating its 70th anniversary, and in this edition of our e-newsletter we look back at how we began and how far we have come.

In our Industry News column, we will discuss the health and importance of manufacturing, its current resurgence, and how upcoming Manufacturing Day is celebrating and influencing careers in manufacturing.

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Sko-Die Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary

Joseph Steininger and three partners each pooled their money together ($6000) in 1947, bought land in Morton Grove, and built a small building. It was there that Sko-Die, a small tool and die shop, was born.

Many criticized Joe (including his in-laws) for giving up his $140 per week job to start Sko-Die, but he persevered.  In fact, his in-laws loaned him some of the money, and were repaid with interest on time. The big gamble paid off.

What a company Sko-Die has become, a 70,000 sq. ft. building, employing over 65 people, and manufacturing parts that are used in a variety of applications and markets all over the world.  Stamped parts that Sko-Die manufactures are found in 737’s, aircraft carriers, B-52 Bombers, Segway Scooters, oil drilling motors, Universal amusement park rides, and a host of medical devices.

My father, Richard Steininger deserves a lot of the credit for growing and developing Sko-Die over the 45 years he worked at the company.  Retiring as President in 2002, Dick ran the company successfully for decades.  Being the great leader that he was, Dick had excellent characteristics of humility, good vision, ability to hire good people, ability to see around corners, and the fortitude to bounce back after defeats.

A Special thank you to all the customers, suppliers, and all the current and former employees!

Patrick Steininger

Sko-Die 70th Anniversary
Sko-Die 70th Anniversary
Sko-Die 70th Anniversary

Industry News

Separating Policy from Politics

In navigating our current hyper-political world and 24-hour cable news cycles, it is often difficult to separate the politics from the policy.  As a manufacturing organization, it is far more important to understand the policies that are being discussed, vetted and implemented than in the politics that often take front stage.  Consider a sampling of headlines from Manufacturing Economy Daily from the last 6 months ---

Manufacturing Jobs Are Multiplier For Overall Economy

Vice President Pence Tells Michigan Workers Tax Reform Will Create Jobs.

Speaker Ryan Says Tax Framework Will Help Mid-Sized Manufacturers

During Tax Reform Speech, Trump Hints At "Five Major Factories" Coming To US.

Michigan Governor Discusses Success, Future Of Manufacturing.

ISM Forecast: Manufacturing Growth Should Continue Through 2017.

Manufacturers: Administration's "Bold Actions" On Regulations Promote Investment, Jobs.

In macroeconomic terms, the "health" of our overall economy correlates directly to our Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and more specifically, total output.  In simple terms, when GDP is up, the economy thrives, job creation is strong and investment in businesses, infrastructure and communities is vibrant.  As cited by the Economic Policy Institute, "Manufacturing is by far the most important sector of the U.S. economy in terms of total output and employment."   Thankfully, manufacturing is enjoying a resurgence.  The National Association of Manufacturers recently reported that ---

Manufacturers' record-high optimism reported in the first two quarters has continued into the third quarter of this year, marking the highest three-quarter average, of 90.87 percent, for manufacturing optimism in the survey’s 20-year history.

Friday October 6th is Manufacturing Day 2017.  Started in 2012, Manufacturing Day has grown year on year and this year there are more than 2,500 Events scheduled on that day to celebrate and promote Manufacturing. These events bring together businesspeople, students, educators, and politicians to educate visitors about manufacturing careers in their communities.  Sko-Die is committed to Manufacturing excellence and to promoting the sustained growth of our manufacturing economy.  We recognize and embrace the economic and social significance of Manufacturing and are very proud to have been a contributor to the manufacturing economy since 1947. 

At Sko-Die, we remain ----

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