Automation & Technology

Throughout Sko-Die’s history, the company has been committed to continually investing in new equipment, technology, and processes to maximize efficiencies and provide value added benefits to customers. Most recently over the past few years, this commitment is further illustrated by the company’s investment in and integration of automation/robotics within a variety of production cells on the manufacturing floor.

Specific to tasks and operations that are high volume, repetitive, and ergonomically challenging, the integration of robotics has enabled Sko-Die to optimize the capacity of the facility’s current footprint, shorten lead times, maximize and build upon the skill sets of our current workforce, and ensure consistency and throughput by assigning repetitive tasks to the robots.

Sko-Die Lamination Robotic Notching

Sko-Die has successfully integrated robotic systems within its notching press cells and production welding cells and has replaced manual loading tasks with automated bowl feeder systems. Production team members are cross-trained to set up complete cells for each production order, including job scheduling, required materials, and quality checks. Ongoing training enables Sko-Die to maximize the skills of each employee and provide them with a dynamic work environment that enables them to continually grow and evolve with the company. By fostering this type of work environment, the company has also succeeded in attracting prime workforce talent to grow its team and continue to deliver Trusted Manufacturing Excellence.

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