OEM Outsourcing

Sko-Die is a domestic outsourcing option to a broad range of stamped and assembled parts.

Unlike the typical job shop profile, Sko-Die serves as a manufacturing partner with original equipment manufacturers.  As a partner to the OEM, Sko-Die Inc. manages segments of the value stream that may provide raw materials, custom components, and subassemblies to the production line for the OEM’s finished products. Sko-Die Inc. is, in fact, an extension of the OEM factory resources for which the OEM bears no ownership responsibilities.

Our material management maintains strong relationships with raw material vendors, and the participation with professional trade associations (Precision Metalform Association, Tooling & Manufacturing Association) provides for additional outsource partners for manufacturing requirements that may be outside of our core competency.

Sko-Die has had success over the years in transitioning several customer’s entire stamping line from their facility to ours, which enables the customer to focus on their core business.  In most cases our customers are able to free up valuable floor space, which then in turn is used for expanding their operations and sales capacity.

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