Laser Cutting

In order to serve our customers who may not need tooling built for their current part production EAU’s , Sko-Die has an Amada 2500 Watt Laser available for smaller volumes and prototyping. This laser is capable of holding tolerances of +-.002 and a cutting range on a variety of steels from .0185” thick steel up to .500” thick . It has a solid single piece cast frame, a high speed cutting head, and is capable of running sheets of material at 60” x 120” for optimum usage.

The laser is fully programmable and able to cut a variety of shapes to our customers’ unique designs.

Sko-Die Laser Machining Center

Sko-Die’s new Coherent Laser Machining Center is the most advanced laser cutting machine tool available today.  Laser power control, motion control, automation and software are engineered to work together. 


  • A dedicated computer that regulates energy output to achieve constant process in cutting, scribing, kiss cutting, material milling and ablation
  • A sealed beam bath designed to protect optics and prevent vapor distortion of laser beam
  • Automatic focusing, calibration and laser process control
  • Precision machine vision for part location, registration, scaling, pass/fail and error averaging
  • Ergonomic touch screen control panel
  • On board database of material and process settings
  • Palletized material handling for maximum throughput

Equipped with a solid cast frame and engineered to meet the high quality and shorter lead time demands of today’s fabricating companies. Having the most up-to-date equipment will enable Sko-Die to reduce set-up and increase throughput, quality and consistency in cutting. This third generation FO laser features:

  • Large material processing range
  • No lens change from thick to thin material
  • Power saving ECO mode
  • Dust collector
  • Amada tuned oscillator
  • High precision drive system
  • High pressure cutting
  • Automatic pierce and cut process monitoring
  • Adaptive optics
  • Proven automation options
  • Automatic gas pressure control
  • AMNC touch screen control
  • Automatic pallet changer with shuttle table
  • Free bearings for easy sheet loading

Amada FO MII 4,000 Watt CO2 Laser Machine

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