Lamination Dies/Tooling Design and Fabrication

Sko-Die has remained true to our craftsmanship roots through continual improvement and expansion of our expertise and capability in the arena of Lamination Die/Tooling Design and Die Fabrication for our customers.  

As a lamination dies manufacturer, we offer a wide array of Die/Tooling Design and Die Fabrication options to support a variety of tight tolerance stamping and assembly applications.  We balance the need for precision and for speed to deliver the best possible solutions for our customer’s most demanding applications.

Please allow us to review your upcoming projects that require precision Lamination Dies and Tooling.

  • Steel Lamination Tooling/Dies
  • Carbide Lamination Dies
  • Carbide Tooling/Dies
  • Steel Notching Tooling/Dies
  • Compound Dies/Tooling
  • Progressive Dies/Tooling
  • Fineblanking Dies/Tooling
  • Steel Interlocked Dies/Tooling
  • Steel Segment Dies/Tooling

As a precision lamination tooling manufacturer, our experienced die/tooling design and fabrication team utilizes the latest in design software to develop the optimal tooling solution for you.  We then transform design into function as we complete your die/tooling in our state-of-the-art facility. 

Tooling lead times can be as quick as a few weeks and can serve to bring you from Concept to Completion, allowing you to deliver your innovative designs to market.

Please use code “1947” when requesting a quote through our website or by calling 800-486-4756. Should you elect to favor us with your business, we will apply a 5% discount to your tooling order with us.

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