Sko-Die's state-of-the-art facility features 20 stamping presses (straight side stamping presses, gap stamping presses and servo stamping presses) ranging from 5 to 440-ton capacity, up to 120" wide bed size and up to 300 SPM. This includes one tandem line of 300 ton presses with servo.

All stamping tools and dies are engineered and produced in-house, including high speed progressive stamping dies, lamination stamping dies, compound dies, notching dies, forming dies, shallow draw dies, and fineblanking dies among others. We are experts at working with a variety of die materials including A2, D2, carbide, and high speed steel.

Our combined 135 years of tool and die design and build experience enables us to provide comprehensive engineering services, including part application consulting, material selection, production consulting, and reverse design production.

Sko-Die Heavy Stamping
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Sko-Die Light Stamping
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