Metal Finishing Services & Anodized Finishes

Since 1947, Chicago Anodizing has been a leading supplier of metal finishing services and anodized finishes worldwide.  Our mission is to supply our customers with the most durable and cosmetically appealing anodized finishes for their aluminum products.  Chicago Anodizing targets customers looking for high volume capabilities, repeatable processes and color matching.

Our state of the art bright dipping line, selection of colors and custom color capabilities, and our expertise in anodic coatings, helps us secure finishes that wholly separate us from our competition.   With over 60 years of experience in metal finishing, Chicago Anodizing gives it’s customers confidence in their critical supplier.


Color Matching & Development

Laser Marking

Post Process

Custom Tooling Development


Chicago Anodizing is a leading supplier of high-volume cosmetic anodizing.

Industries Served

Chicago Anodizing is privileged to work with customers from a variety of industries around the world.  Some of the industries we serve include automotive, aerospace, defense, firearm, tool storage, and medical among others.





Tool Storage


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