Hydro Generator Reference List

Bonneville Power Authority, Columbia River at Portland, Oregon
Two complete stator cores with redesigned laminations for up-rated 60MVA units. Scope of supply also included over 1,200 air vent assemblies and epoxy bonded end packs.

Duke Power, Engineering and Services Group, Lockhart Power Corp., Lockhart, NC.
Four original Allis Chalmers machines were up-rated to 4.5MVA. Scope of supply included 100,000 laminations, 966 air vent assemblies and 178 end clamp assemblies.

US Army Corp of Engineers Savannah District, J.Strom Thurmond Project at Clark Hill, SC
This project supplied seven complete stator cores for 1950’s General Electric machines. The re-rated machines produced 92MVA at 13.8 kV.

Saskatchewan Power Authority, EB Campbell Station, Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada
This two-unit project supplied over 120,000 laminations and 1,063 air vent assemblies.

Grant County Public Utility District, Summer Falls Station, Grant County, WA
Two unit project, redesign and replacement of two Toshiba stator cores.  136,800 laminations and 1,500 air vent assemblies. M15, C5, 29 gauge material used for main stator laminations.

Loup Power Authority, Columbus Project, Columbus, NE
The project scope included two redesigned cores. The 12.5 MVA, 13.8 kV machines have 112,000 laminations and newly designed air vent assemblies.

New York Power Authority, Robert Moses Project, Units 12&13, Lewiston, NY
This project re-rated the existing 100 MVA, 13.8 kV machines to 116 MVA. The new cores used 29 gauge, M15, C5, electrical steel replacing the original 26 gauge steel. The scope of supply was for two units including 350,000 stator laminations, 3,500 air vent assemblies and 172 end clamp assemblies

Exelon Energy, Conowingo Station, Unit 8, Conowingo, MD.
Replacement unit, Voith Siemens Hydro, York, PA.  Included core laminations and air-vent assemblies

Trans Canada Energy, S.E. Moore Station, Unit #3,4 Littleton, NH
Westinghouse Electric 1955 in-service date. 92,000 stator laminations from 29-gauge, M-15, C5 electrical steel, 870 air vent assemblies and modified end pack laminations. Original output rating 39 MVA up-rated to 52 MVA.

Avista Corp., Noxon Rapids, Montana Unit #4
The units were placed in service in 1959. Core components were supplied to Voith Siemens Hydro York, PA.

Dix Station, Kentucky Power Corp.
Re-rated unit, new stator core components.

Mountain Chute, Ontario Hydro Power for Voith Hydro Canada
Rehabilitation and up-rating of the stator components.

Pennsylvania Electric Coil, for PSEG, New Jersey
10, 2000 hp, 360rpm coolant circulation pump motors. Rotor and stator components, originally built by Allis Chalmers.

Safe Harbor Power Corp., Safe Harbor, PA. for Voith Hydro
Stator core components for rehabilitation and upgrade of the unit.

Dix Station, PP&L, Units 1&3, for Monarch Electric, IPS Corp.
Stator core components, two unit project to up-rate the generators.  

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