Custom steel laminations represent over 50% of all Sko-Die stampings. This product group consists primarily of (.006-.029) low carbon and silicon alloy steels.

Our high speed tooling offers a low cost alternative to maufacturers with moderate to high volume stamping requirements. Our average lead times on new tooling range from 10-12 weeks. Carbide tooling is also an option with almost the same lead time as typical tool steel dies. In addition, with press capabilities of over 250 strokes per minute, and up to 440 tons of force, our production capability and expertise will keep your part competitive.

LaminationsAs a contract manufacturer, we are capable of supplying laminations in all shapes and sizes.  Our toolmakers are able to build and maintain a wide variety of production dies. Sko-Die can produce laminations up to 42" in diameter. Sko-Die can accommodate your most demanding requirements.

Lamination Expertise:

  • Rotor Laminations
  • Stator Laminations
  • Interlocked Laminations
  • Notched Laminations
  • Welded Lamination Assemblies
  • Segmented Stator Laminations
  • Armature Laminations
  • Transformer Laminations
  • Vent Laminations

Depending on your EAU’s, Sko-Die can offer the following tooling:

  • Progressive Dies
  • Compound Dies
  • Notching Dies
  • Progressive Interlocked (Staked) Dies

Standard lamination materials supplied by Sko-Die Inc.

  • Semi-Processed and Fully Processed Silicon Steel
  • Cold Rolled Motor Lamination Steel
  • Nomex
  • Copper
  • Specialty Alloys
  • CO Thru C5 Insulative Coatings

In addition to stamping your laminations, we offer the following secondary operations.

  • Specialty Heat Treating
  • Annealing
  • Stress Relief Annealing
  • Stacking and welding.

Examples cited are intended as representative samples only. Please contact us to determine your stamping requirements.

Custom Steel Laminations

Custom Steel Laminations

Custom Steel Laminations

Custom Steel Laminations

Custom Steel Laminations