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Matt is Sko-Die’s Manager of Engineering and Tooling. He is responsible for the design, fabrication and maintenance of all tooling and fixtures, the operation of the CNC, wire machines and laser cutter, quoting costs and project management of new programs. He also advises the production department on all equipment and is the Safety Manager.

Matt has been involved in the metal working industry since 1981. The desire to work with his hands and the challenge of the accuracy demanded from production led him to his education and training at The Tool and Die Institute and further education in Manufacturing Technology at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Prior to working at Sko-Die he gained practical experience at a motor manufacturer, a full service precision machine shop and a manufacturer of magnetic steel laminations.
In 2002 Matt joined Sko-Die’s management team. He was looking for an opportunity to join a company that was positioned for growth and was selling into sustainable markets. Luckily for Sko-Die he met Patrick Steininger. He saw that Patrick was an ambitious leader who owned a company with a great mix of accounts and employees with multiple skills that worked as a team. Matt’s experience, unique set of skills and desire to join a successful and growing company made for a perfect opportunity for both parties.

One of Matt’s favorite parts of his job is interacting with Sko-Die’s present or potential customers. In support of the sales effort he is continually travelling to a company’s location to offer his expertise and design a program to help solve production problems or to offer a more efficient process. It might be to review the designs for a new program, prepare an operation/tooling evaluation or to analyze an outsourcing opportunity. He sees himself and the Sko-Die salesperson as a firemen team where they can help a company put out a fire.

Matt has been married to Dawn for 31 years, has one daughter and likes motorcycle racing, hockey, football and golf.

Matt Rychtanek

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