DECEMBER 2014 - Non Oriented Electrical Steel (NOES) Trade Case Rulings

In early November, AK Steel reported that The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has reached a positive final decision that illegally dumped imports from six nations have materially harmed the domestic industry producing non-oriented electrical steel (NOES).

These petitions were originally filed by AK Steel in September 2013 and had preliminary rulings issued earlier this year. Based on the ITC’s final determination, the six countries will now have to pay antidumping duties on all imports of these products into the USA.  Additional countervailing duty orders will be imposed on imports from China and Taiwan as the ITC ruled that imports from these countries were subsidized.


Dumping Margins

China 407.52 %
Germany 86.29 –  98.84 %
Japan 135.59  - 204.79 %
South Korea 6.88 %
Sweden 98.46 -  126.72 %
Taiwan 27.54 -  52.23 %

As a result of the ITC’s decision, the Commerce Department will have the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to continue to require the domestic importers of NOES from those six nations to deposit estimated antidumping duties at the time of import as well as estimated countervailing duties on imports of NOES from China and Taiwan. 

From a practical perspective, these rulings will limit or eliminate the availability of products from the producing mills in these named countries over the next 5 years.  Because of our strong channel partnerships with the domestic producer of these grades of material as well as the non-named global mills, Sko-Die remains in a very strong positon to support all current and future customer demand for any and all Non Oriented Electrical Steel products.

We remain a strong advocate of a robust domestic manufacturing sector.  Sko-Die is committed to providing our customers with the best Electrical Steel products for each individual application and will continue to bring our strength in this area to bear in support of our valued customers.  Please contact your Sko-Die representative should you have any questions or would like any additional information as to the effect that these rulings are likely to have in the market.

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