Sko-Die is a proud member of several industry associations that are committed to the advancement of our industry and a strong overall Manufacturing economy.  The TMA ( is one such association with which Sko-Die is strongly aligned.  The TMA was in the news recently as one of our fellow association members was named to the US Commerce Department's Manufacturing Council.  This council, formed in 2004, advises the Commerce Department on policies and strategies to strengthen the US Manufacturing Economy.  Sko-Die and the TMA are proud to have a member participate in this capacity. 

In an announcement last month, the Commerce Secretary welcomed the newest members to this council and spoke of the Council's charge in her comments…..

“The Department of Commerce continues to make investments that will keep our manufacturing sector on the cutting edge of innovation, including two new Commerce-led National Network for Manufacturing Innovation institutes, proposed in the President's fiscal year 2016 budget. I look forward to working together with the new and returning Manufacturing Council members, whose unique expertise and perspective will be integral to our efforts to boost the economy and create U.S. jobs.”

The Manufacturing Council and its sub-committees work to ensure regular communication between government and the manufacturing sector and provide a forum for discussing and proposing solutions to industry-related problems. Council members advise the Secretary of Commerce on government policies and programs that affect U.S. manufacturing and recommend ways to ensure that the United States remains the preeminent destination for investment in manufacturing across the globe.
Manufacturing is a key component of the Commerce Department’s “Open for Business Agenda” and the department’s focus on strengthening American innovation. The Department has worked to connect manufacturers with the resources they need to grow and thrive, ensure workers have the skills to get today’s high-tech manufacturing jobs, and develop a network of institutes designed to enhance the global competitiveness of America’s manufacturing sector. 

For more information about the Manufacturing Council and to see the members’ biographies, visit