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July 2016 - Steel Pricing – Supply side factors driving pricing upwards

Looking at the trends in steel pricing for the 1st six months of 2016, it is hard to miss the direction and magnitude of the price increases that the market is seeing. The generally referenced pricing indices that many in the manufacturing sector follow have trended upwards in the arena of 60% since January 1. This observation is specific to the flat rolled sheet steel products that are the primary raw materials for the products that we provide to our valued customers. Looking specifically at the Cold Rolled CRU index, published pricing is now at its highest point since early 2012.

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December 2015 - Economic Indicators and the Manufacturing Economy

DECEMBER 2015 - Economic Indicators and the Manufacturing Economy………A vibrant domestic manufacturing sector is a key contributor to the economic engine of our country. At Sko-Die, we are firmly committed to the strength and expansion of our domestic manufacturing sector. For nearly 70 years, we have served an array of markets and customers that are all affected by the relative strength or weakness of several economic indicators. Though the major media outlets do make regular mention of our manufacturing economy, a vast majority of the discussion tends towards some of the specific subsets of our overall manufacturing sector, such as Housing Starts, Automobile production and Oil Pricing.

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Sko-Die is a proud member of several industry associations that are committed to the advancement of our industry and a strong overall Manufacturing economy.  The TMA ( is one such association with which Sko-Die is strongly aligned.  The TMA was in the news recently as one of our fellow association members was named to the US Commerce Department's Manufacturing Council.  This council, formed in 2004, advises the Commerce Department on policies and strategies to strengthen the US Manufacturing Economy.  Sko-Die and the TMA are proud to have a member participate in this capacity. 

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July 2015 - Energy Efficiency and the markets that we serve

July 2015 - Energy Efficiency and the markets that we serve. The broad topic of Energy Efficiency touches our lives and our industry in many ways. Cost savings and stewardship of our planet’s natural resources are but a couple of the many drivers of the actions being taken across the manufacturing sector to address this topic.  More than half of all electricity consumed in the manufacturing sector is used for powering motors.  At Sko-Die, the Motor, Generator and Transformer markets are at the heart of those industries that we are proud to serve.  We remain steadfast in our efforts to assist our customers in achieving improvements in the area of efficiency.

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